Dr. Patrick J. Behme
Board Member / Senior Vice President

Dr. Patrick J. Behme has dedicated his life to help people as a medical doctor and philanthropist around the world. He serves as a global director and senior vice president of The Young Global Leadership Foundation.

Dr. Patrick received his medical education at the University of Wuerzburg in Germany. He obtained his doctorate in medicine magnum cum laude from the Department of Neurosurgery and Neurology of the University of Wuerzburg. As a licensed physician, he opened his private practice in Southern Bavaria in 1980 and still practicing and consulting medical services, today.


In 1985 he founded a nursing home specialized in degenerative cerebral diseases such as M.Alzheimer, Korsakow Syndrom, dementia, etc. It also included an intensive care unit for people suffering from "apallic syndrome" with a ground breaking new care concept and approach.

For decades, Dr. Patrick instructed medical students, assistants and nurses. He gave lessons and speeches at New York University, the United Nations, Volkshochschule (colleges), international conferences, etc. He also worked as a consultant for rehabilitation clinics, supervising and instructing the medical teams.


In 2003 Dr. Patrick became involved in the development of an organic, non-toxic insecticide to fight insect transmitted diseases including: malaria, dengue fever, etc. This project has led to diverse developments with African governments and leaders. Today, he is working with the United Nations and global experts to help to eradicate malaria.

Dr. Patrick is dedicated to help the children receive medical care and education in developing countries. He is also a foster parent of children in Kenya. In the Dominican Republic Dr. Patrick helped to install an professional ambulance service providing transportation for the neediest.

His mission includes to inform the public about the danger of chemical insecticides and their dangerous impact on everybody's daily life.