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Focus: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s): Agenda 2030


Young Global Leadership Foundation, Inc. offers internships.  YGLF welcomes university students and young professionals to assist staff, particularly in alignment with The United Nations and other exciting YGLF endeavors. 


Interns will acquire invaluable knowledge and extraordinary experience in global leadership, social development, and much more…They will expand their global network inter-generationally and among peers around the world.  They will participate in life-altering UN activities and events. 



●       Passion for the UN, intercultural relations, and global social development

●       Excellent communication, organizational, and administrative skills

●       Essential computer knowledge

●       Detail oriented, capable of  meeting deadlines

●       Multi-task capability

●       Self-initiatives with enthusiasm and a sense of humor

●       Multi-lingual written and verbal communication a plus

●       Commitment to a minimum  15 hours per week

●       Interns must be able to commute to mid-town Manhattan. 


Course credit is an option.

Certificates of Completion will be awarded.                                            

Recommendation letters will be provided.                                                  


 Internship Program:   Minimum 3 months/ Maximum 1 year


Please send your cover letter and resume to:

Learn from the Past ~ Live in the Present ~ Look to the Future

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