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Understanding and applying global leadership are the two fundamental elements required to connect, collaborate and integrate today’s global society.  Successful global leadership is a meaningful challenge to develop and deliver across continents, countries and cultures.


Human Dimension


The Foundation and it's program focus on the human dimension to promote intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual leadership philosophies, styles and strategies. The upcoming leaders formed in our present times will determine the ultimate direction and journey of  global society in the 21st Century.



Since 2005, our goal to create and illuminate young global leaders has now transformed from vision to reality. Today, people from all sectors of society, universally and generationally, are connecting to our approach towards a more peaceful, prosperous and positive world.



The Young Global Leadership Foundation offers a connective, collaborative and integrative program to advance motivated young adults to become accomplished global leaders. The Foundation provides educational, experiential and mentoring opportunities to aspiring young leaders of the first global generation.


The Foundation welcomes exemplary young adults who have demonstrated the desire and ability to become our future global leaders. The program offers a variety of educational opportunities that emphasize the characteristics and skills of effective, efficient and ethical global leadership. It will draw upon extensive leadership expertise from all continents, including many cultures and countries across their spectrum of societies.


The Foundation is headquartered in New York City, led by a dedicated team of visionaries. Board of Directors and Executive Director of Global Education.

Learn from the Past ~ Live in the Present ~ Look to the Future

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