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 ❚ Vision  Mission Statement

Mission Statement:


The Young Global Leadership Foundation  (YGLF) guides aspiring young adult leaders from around the world to become global citizens and democratic leaders towards a peaceful, prosperous and positive global society in the 21st Century.  


YGLF adheres to and advocates the spirit and essence of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs): Agenda 2030:  The SDGs address the advancement of :                


People ~ Planet ~ Peace ~ Prosperity ~ Partnership.    


YGLF primarily promotes connection ~ communication ~ collaboration through the human dimension and education.  It also provides young adults with experiential opportunities to become global leaders.  



  • Mentor individual and small group aspiring young adult leaders.

  • Promote the Young Leaders to Young Leaders Peer Mentoring Program.

  • Develop and sustain Global partnerships with UN NGOs, other Organizations and Institutions in order to promote the UN Mission and the SDGs.

  • Offer program series featuring the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Making  Agenda 2030 Reality.

  • Host global/intergenerational events.         

  • Participate in UN and UN NGO youth events at UN Headquarters.

  • Provide and implement program curriculum on global culture, communication and peace.

  • Create and conduct a bi-annual global colloquium: UN Topics of the Times.

  • Utilize social media to advocate UN principles, policies and programs, particularly to promote the UN SDGs: Make Agenda 2030 a Reality. 

Learn from the Past ~ Live in the Present ~ Look to the Future

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